Kayak Photography

 I am always looking to develop my photography. So, living next to the ocean and lakes it seemed natural to get on the water to take images. For me I like to get on a level plane with my subject rather than looking down at them.
Last year I decided to purchase a kayak. I needed something that was stable as it would be no fun flipping the kayak with my 7d and 100-400 lens going for a swim! I did my research and decided to go with a light blue 14ft Necky Looksha this kayak is perfect for the job, a little wider than some, to give me stability but still able to move at a fair pace. It`s easy to transport but safe enough to travel along the ocean coastline and out to small islands near my home. 

 The first issue was how to keep my gear dry while paddling! The best dry box I have found is a Pelican 1400. Into this fits my 7D+100-400 and spare battery and card. This box just fits into the rear hatch or between my knees while paddling. I also use a Watershed dry bag which is less bulky. The jury is still out on which I prefer when paddling with the camera at my knees.

You have to develop your own technique for slowly padding quietly up to your subjects and taking out your camera while balancing the kayak, but a few tips!

1, Secure your paddle with a paddle leash
2, Secure your camera bag or box with a leash
3, Follow basic kayak safety rules
4, Don`t risk a flip by straining for that extra image.
5, When approaching keep your paddle low and go slow
6, Keep safe but have fun!

Below are just a few images taken from the kayak over the past year...



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